A spectacular hike in Byron’s backyard

Nestled within the lush hinterland of New South Wales, Byron offers more than just pristine beaches and vibrant culture – it’s also a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. From cascading waterfalls to ancient rainforests, the region boasts the kind of landscapes that are just begging to be explored on foot. Read on for a genuinely exhilarating hike in the Nightcap National Park, and a few further options as well – all guaranteed to get you on the path to discovery.


Minyon Falls Track

Distance: 13km
Time: 3+ hours

Located within the Nightcap National Park in the Byron region, the Minyon Falls Track provides an unforgettable trek through ancient rainforests and panoramic vistas. Begin your journey at the Minyon Grass picnic area, where the trail winds its way through towering eucalyptus trees and lush subtropical vegetation.

The Minyon Loop Track’s hike leads to the base of a 100-meter plunge waterfall surrounded by rugged cliffs and scenic gorges. A word of warning – the first half of the walk is predominantly downhill as you head to the base, and what goes down must come back up in the second half. The Loop is graded as a category 3 track by NSW Parks and Wildlife.

For those preferring to stay at the top, the views are still worth the drive and a picnic area is provided on site to take some lunch.

For those who are happy to The rewards include a sought after backdrop for the avid instagrammer, but also a genuine place for meditation and contemplation. Take your swimmers as you can cool off with a refreshing dip in the natural rock pools (and we’re calling this highly recommended)


A few more options

If you check back in from time to time you just might see a few of these in. More detail, but for avid hikers:

  • Head out to the Border Ranges National Park, it’s about an hour by car and so totally worth the effort. Home to pristine wilderness, there is an extensive network of walking tracks including the renowned Border Track, which traces the ancient caldera rim of the Tweed Volcano (with views of Wollumbin Mt Warning). Whilst
    we love a hike, plenty take the drive just for the views at the scenic lookout locations.
  • If you want to venture further afield, Springbrook National Park is on the Queensland side of the border and part of the Gold Coast hinterland. The drive through Murwillumbah (a completely groovin town in the Northern Rivers) and into the National Park directly is a winner, with Numidian Rd the recommended path (it’s about 28km past Mur’bah). Plenty of hiking options will await, with the Natural Bridge hike only short – but well known – and includes cascading waterfalls and ancient rock formations.
  • Finally, we will definitely be posting blogs on the Northern Rivers Rail Trail. The current section runs from Crabbes Creek to Murwillumbah with 24km of converted rail line into a hiking and biking corridor. It’s awesome and we can’t wait for it to extend through the Byron region in future years – stay tuned.

Enough from us – go get out there and definitely jump on the applicable Parks websites for planning and to ensure tracks are open.