Welcome to
Byron Bay

A mecca of sand, sun and serenity, this New South Wales beach town is a coastal paradise.

Look back a few decades and Byron Bay was known for its alternative culture, easygoing surfers and off-the-grid hippies. Now, Byron may be a bit more refined, but it’s no less beautiful. You’ll still find incredible surf breaks and tranquil yoga retreats, plus newcomers including award-winning restaurants, luxurious beach houses and craft breweries. From barefoot backpackers to Hollywood celebrities, Byron Bay has retained its status as a destination for everyone.

Breathtaking scenery and natural wonders:

Visitors rave about the picturesque beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse. Beyond the beaches, the surrounding hinterland with rainforests and waterfalls offers ample opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Rich cultural scene:

The town's relaxed and bohemian atmosphere offers an artsy vibe, with vibrant markets, art galleries, live music, and festivals showcasing local talent.

A surfing paradise:

Surf enthusiasts love Byron Bay for its fantastic waves and surf culture, attracting both beginners and experienced surfers alike.

Delicious cuisine and diverse shopping:

The diverse culinary scene offers everything from fresh seafood to organic and locally-sourced food, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Healing and wellness:

Byron Bay is a hub for wellness activities, offering yoga retreats, meditation sessions, and holistic therapies, attracting those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.


Byron Bay offers a diverse range of premium accommodations that blend luxurious comfort with the area's natural beauty.

From lavish beachfront villas and boutique resorts to eco-friendly retreats nestled in the hinterland, these premium options cater to discerning travelers seeking opulence and tranquility. Lavish amenities, private pools, spa facilities, and stunning panoramic views are just the beginning.


From the renowned surf breaks and pristine beaches to the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse offering panoramic vistas, the town embraces nature's beauty.

Cultural immersion thrives in bustling markets showcasing local crafts and produce while festivals and events pulsate with creativity and community spirit. Visitors can unwind in wellness retreats or venture into the lush hinterland, exploring rainforest trails and charming villages.

Eat & Drink

Byron Bay's food scene is a vibrant fusion of fresh seafood, locally-sourced produce, and diverse international flavors. From beachside eateries offering fresh seafood and organic smoothie bowls to upscale dining showcasing innovative dishes with local ingredients, the culinary landscape caters to varied tastes.

The town's thriving craft beer scene, bustling farmers' markets, and commitment to health-conscious options make it a haven for food enthusiasts seeking quality and diversity.

Byron Bay has a reputation for embracing alternative lifestyles and sustainability. You'll find everything from bohemian clothing stores to surf shops, art galleries and luxury spas.

You'll find many shops dedicated to eco-friendly and ethical products, including organic clothing, natural skincare, handmade soaps, and sustainable homewares. These shops cater to those who prioritize environmental consciousness and ethical consumerism.

In the embrace of Byron Bay's shores, find not just the beauty of nature, but the whispers of dreams waiting to be realized.